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Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking

Tonight we decided to drop into Puchong for a date and after numerous u-turns (Roads here can be quite complicated if you are not used to it) we ended up in Donutes Coffee. According to their website, this is a coffee chain from Taiwan that began very humbly in Kaohsiung and expanded to become one of Taiwan’s very popular brand of cafes. Donutes arrived in Malaysia back in 2013 and have been going strong ever since.

There is no doubt that Donutes is a very attractive coffee place. It is extremely spacious, so there is a decent amount of privacy for us to enjoy our drinks. We ordered a few things – 2 large iced milk teas (Taiwan is famous for those), a milk tiramisu, a peach cake, a Napolean cake and a pineapple pastry, and it all came to about RM44.00 (20% discount on the cakes). Price is quite reasonable too. I love the milk tea since it is not too sweet. The cakes and pastries are all not overly sweet too which is a comfort for me since I am a diabetic. Everything is well and thoughtfully packaged. The peach cake had little slivers of peach set into a very light and soft sponge and is an absolute pleasure to bite into. The Napolean cake and the tiramisu is not too rich and went very well with the ice milk tea. The pineapple pastry was also surprisingly good too. 

You need to order at the counter and pay upfront. On your receipt will be a number and once your number is called through a microphone, you go and collect your order. Seating is free and there are books for you to browse through as you are having your drinks. For sitting options, there is the usual cafe tables and chairs and cozy armchairs (unfortunately all were taken).

By the time we finished our drinks and cakes, an hour had already passed. Time to head home and hit the sack. We will definitely be coming back to try the other items on the menu.

Donutes Puchong Jaya
No 7, Jalan Kenari 6,
Bandar Puchong Jaya.
Tel: +603 5880 7038