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Shaves2u: Review and Experience with an online shave plan

Being bald on the top downwards on my head, I have got to shave at least twice a week. If I leave my hair (or whatever’s left) to grow too rapidly, it can be quite unsightly, with a rim of hair on the bottom of my head near my neck and that can be quite a hassle to shave it off myself unless I spend RM15 at the barbershop to get it done nicely.

I had been using Gillette all my life spending about RM100 every 2 months on blades alone and another RM20 for shaving foam. Since the blades need to be changed constantly (blunt blades are extremely dangerous for shaving, trust me), I only use a blade for 2 shaves and replace a new one.

It is not so much the money spent but more on the quality of the shave. Therefore I decided to get out of my Gillette comfort zone and shop around for other options. But all the blades sold in the shops out there like Tesco, Guardian etc are all the same. Glamourous saloons are way off my budget, not to mention also the hassle of getting there, parking etc.

One day I saw a Shaves2u ad on my facebook page and out of curiosity I clicked on the link and was immediately taken to a nice looking website promoting a shave plan. They have a shave plan where they will send you shaving cartridges based on a duration you choose (monthly, 2 monthly etc) and even have a survey where you answer a few questions based on your shaving habits and they craft a shave plan for you. They also have a one off gift set for RM85 where you get a shave handle, a set of cartridges, shaving cream and after shave cream. I decided to get the gift set and test out their products.

After one shave, I was sold. I loved the razor handle so much that I got another one under their shave plan which cost me RM6.50 for the starter kit (but you need to commit to at least one delivery of cartridges) consisting of a razor handle, a set of cartridges and a tube of shaving cream. I subscribed for the 3-month plan, which means every 3 months they will send me a set of cartridges, a tube of shaving cream and a tube of post shaving cream, all for RM67.00, which is very reasonable for me, judging by the quality of the products. The products you choose are fully customizable depending on your needs and your beard growth rate.

The cartridges I got were the 5 blade ones (there are 3, 5 and 6 blade cartridges) and the shaving experience was phenomenal.The blades were of good quality and being a 5-blade cartridge, shaving was smoother and cleaner. The shaving cream by Arko, smelt pleasant and so is the after shave cream which is excellent to reduce the burning sensation after a shave. My shaves are smooth and accidental wounds on my head and face is almost close to zero (bear in mind you need to focus when you shave). The blade and handle is easy to clean and made of stainless steel, rust is not an issue.

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