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Apple Macbook Staingate Issue

I happened to be one of the unlucky bunch who managed to ruin my Macbook Pro Retina screen with a simple wipe down because of a little stain. It happened so fast and in no time I ended up with an ugly blotch of what looked like an oil stain on my entire screen. The thing is I was scared of trying other methods to clean because of the fear of making it worse and I may end up ruining my screen entirely.

I bear with this issue for a good 6 years without even calling up the Apple store to check whether it was a product defect or completely my fault. I kept thinking of the latter so I did not even bother calling (dumb decision because Apple offered a product defect warranty for Macbooks purchased 5 years ago or less). Apparently after some researching on the Internet, this silly stain is known as Staingate and it was because of the defect of the anti-glare coating on the screen which I found out later was actually a Apple’s problem.

I decided to called Apple up recently because the screen on my Macbook was becoming an eyesore and not displaying properly. The product defect warranty was already gone, soit was no good crying over spilt milk. Replacing a 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina screen will set me back approximately RM2000.00. I made an appointment to get the screen replaced since I need to use my Macbook for work.

While waiting for my appointment day, I had this crazy thought. Why don’t I go all out to attempt to clean the screen myself since I am going to replace the screen anyway. So there is no problem if I ruin the screen completely this time. I did further research and majority of people with success stories used baby wipes or Listerine. I got a bottle of Listerine (Original Flavor) and tried but to no avail. The stains were still there. I then tried using baby wipes and after the first few wipes, the screen looked almost irreparable. I just continued wiping vigorously and realized that the stains had disappeared a little. Finally after a good 20 minutes of wiping with about 15 sheets of baby wipes the screen on my Macbook was crystal clear. My Macbook Pro Retina looked almost brand new again. Up until now, I am not missing the so called anti-glare coating since I work indoors most of the time.

Disclaimer: Please only try this for you guys who are facing the same issue and have lost the warrantly and planning to replace your screen. Prior to doing anything, please call your Apple store and check to see if you are entitled for a product defect warranty.

Pureen Baby Wipes which I got from AA Pharmacy